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Emmanuel review *****
“I absolutely love Caribella’s products.
The quality is amazing and the customer service is top-notch. Highly recommend!”

Customer Testimonials

Shazia review on Soursop Leaves Tea *****

“An amazing tea! I drink this every evening and it taste great as well as has given my body many benefits. It’s good for inflammation in the body and I have felt it’s made a noticeable difference.

I always re-order before I run out to make sure I always have enough. 100% recommend!!!”

Andrea review on Sea Moss & Bladderwrack Capsules *****

“Second time ordering these and I’ve noticed such a difference! I take one everyday and my energy has improved so much. They’re such a great price too!”

Shazia C review on Sea Moss & Bladderwrack Capsules *****

“100% recommended!!! This has been an absolutely miracle product for me. I was very unwell for a long time and had tried so many different things but since using these capsules which I religiously take every day, I am like a different person. my brain fog has lifted I can focus better, my digestive system is better and my bloating has gone. I have also felt a gentle detoxing of my entire body over a number of months of continuous use… I have more energy and my moods are much more uplifted. My hair has got thicker and my nails stronger, so it is definitely doing a lot for my body.”

Jerome review on Sea Moss & Bladderwrack Capsules *****

“Since I started taking this product my energy has improved significantly, my immune system has also been the best it’s ever been preventing me from catching any colds or flu. I highly recommend everyone to grab a bottle of these capsules to boost you through these harsh winters.”

Simon review on Stamina Capsules *****

“Great product!!!

A natural way to boost your energy. 100% recommend this product. I now don’t have to take other iron or energy supplements or coffee to keep me energised through the day. These herbs are top quality and the best I have used. Definitely recommended!!

Ski review on Sea Moss, Sorrel & Ginger Tea *****

“So happy since discovering Caribella’s tea’s. There is a wonderful range. I’ve tried a few and they all taste great on the pallet. However this particular blend is my favourite. The combination of flavours works well, are so soothing and relaxing which after a hectic morning makes me look forward to my afternoon tea. An amazing blend well done.”

Tyrone review on Strawberry Mango Sea Moss Gel *****

“Amazing taste. Helps me be able to eat sea moss alone. Highly recommended.”

S Campbell review on Sereni-Tea *****

“100% recommended!!!

A fabulous Tea, very soothing to the mind and body. I absolutely love it!!! Helps me to sleep so well and my go to when I’m stressed. Seems to calm the whole nervous system. Definitely recommended!!”

J Anderson review on Guinea Hen Tea *****

“Easy to prepare, great value product for digestive cleaning.”